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(354b) Leading the Way to Pharma 4.0


Vann, L. - Presenter, Director, APG-Pharma, Applied Materials
Dor, A., Sr. Director, Head of APG-Pharma, Applied Materials
Doucette, A., Americas Manager & Global Strategic Accounts | APG Pharma Solutions, Applied Materials
Manufacturing processes and plant & supply chain scheduling are becoming increasingly more complex. Pharma 4.0 is helping transform plants into smart factories. This is being done through improvements in sensor technology, real-time monitoring, advanced process control, continuous process verification, predictive maintenance, digital twin, and automated adaptive scheduling.

Applied Materials has assembled an integrated suite of advanced manufacturing software solutions which provide a real-time, data-driven plant environment that senses factory activity, predicts performance, and prescribes effective actions. SmartFactory Rxâ„¢ improves visibility, drives quality, safety, yield and throughput, reduces cycle times and costs, and increases profitability.

Applied Materials is the leader in factory automation solutions for high volume semiconductor manufacturing plants worldwide. SmartFactory Rx, for pharmaceutical manufacturers, is powered by technologies that are customer-proven and widely deployed.

Applied SmartFactory Rx enables companies to turn their data into action:

  • Analytics & Control: Increase yield, prevent deviations, and assure quality
  • Operations Productivity: Reclaim capacity, maximize throughput, providing real-time adaptive scheduling
  • Predictive Maintenance: Prevent costly unscheduled downtime
  • Knowledge Advisor: Convert operator know-how & experience into process understanding & stability

Uses cases will be presented that illustrate the kinds of problems and solutions that can be realized in both small and large molecule manufacturing plants.