(345g) H2 Generation Ability of Binary Transition Metal Perovskites via Thermochemical Water-Splitting Process

Shende, R., South Dakota School of Mines and Technology
Houck, J., South Dakota School of Mines and Technology
Amar, V. S., South Dakota School of Mines and Technology
Perovskites with ABO3 and A2B2O4 structure due to their mixed valance state of the 3d transition metal sites with improved reduction and oxidation properties and large proportion of oxygen non-stoichiometric relating to high diffusivity of oxide ions, can be interesting materials to explore for H2 production. In this study, we investigated TiMnO3 and Co-doped TiMnO3 powdered material for H2 production via thermochemical water-splitting process. These perovskite materials were synthesized using sol-gel technique in which as-prepared gels were aged and calcined at 600oC in air. Phase purity and SSA of these perovskite materials before and after thermochemical water-splitting reaction was determined by XRD and BET SSA analyzer, respectively. As-calcined powdered perovskite material was loaded in the fully automated thermochemical Inconel reactor and water-splitting and regeneration steps reaction were performed isothermally at 1100oC. The crystal size and lattice strain were determined from the XRD analysis using Scherrer’s equation and Williamson and Hall methods for the materials calcined at different temperatures. Charge storage ability of these perovskites was measured in terms of specific capacitance by performing cyclic voltammetry studies.