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(337j) A Matter of Balancing


Van den Akker, H. - Presenter, University of Limerick
One of the most important competences a chemical engineering professor may desperately need is balancing: between scientific drivers and the needs of companies, between the time and length scales of the process as a whole and the detailed meso-scale processes inside the equipment, between yield and selectivity on the one hand and an appropriate level of detail on the other hand, between experiments and computational simulations. The latter are all about drawing up balances. Guy Marin is an eminent professor mastering all such balances, not only in his own research but also as a journal editor and in his relations with fellow professors in adjacent fields such as myself having been a colleague and friend from The Netherlands for almost 30 years. With an open eye for the relevance of the field of computational fluid dynamics (CFD), even when I switched to adopting and adapting lattice Boltzmann techniques, he encouraged me at several occasions and created opportunities. As a token of appreciation at the occasion of this celebration session, this talk presents results from old CFD simulations of diamond chemical vapour deposition, from lattice Boltzmann simulations of a simplified Fischer-Tropsch reaction and from very recent lattice Boltzmann simulations of emulsions with a surfactant.