(334a) Hydrodynamics of Active Chiral Fluids | AIChE

(334a) Hydrodynamics of Active Chiral Fluids


Han, M. - Presenter, The University of Chicago
de Pablo, J., University of Chicago
Vitelli, V., The University of Chicago
Active chiral fluids are materials composed of self-spinning rotors that continuously inject energy and angular momentum at the microscopic level. The nature of rotation breaks both time-reversal and parity symmetries of the system, potentially leading to many exotic effects including odd stress as well as odd viscosity. In this talk, I will present a realization of such active chiral fluids by using spinning granular particles. It exhibits many abnormal hydrodynamic phenomena. In the compressible regime, a shock wave of this material contains a transverse mode due to density-modulated odd stress. In the incompressible regime, a simple shear could generate normal stress difference not because of microstructure change but due to odd viscosity.