(333c) Fabrication of Multi-Dimensional Functional Graphene/Mxens and Their Industrial Applications

Min, Y., Guangdong University of Technology
Liu, Y., Guangdong University of Technology
Owning 2-dimentional conjugated structures, Graphene/MXenes showed many unique physical and chemical properties, which could be further converted to multi-dimensional materials as the 0-dimentional quantum dots, 1-dimensional nanoscrolls/fibers, 2-dimentional coating/papers, 3-dimentional gels/architectures through chemical as well as physical treatments. The conversions brought out novel optical/electrical/magnetical properties which showed great industrial applications potentials. In this presentation, a brief introduction for our research will be given on fabrication and application Multi-Dimensional Functional Graphene/MXenes on energy storage/conversion materials as metal-free ORR electrocatalyst, thermoelectric conversion materials, supercapacitors, optoelectrical materials as transparent conductive films, photochromic/electrochromic materials, environment protection materials as desulfurization and denitrification materials, seawater desalination materials, carbon dioxide capture materials as well as engineering plastics reinforcing agents.