(322f) Continuous Crystallization Using Mixed Suspension Mixed Product Removal (MSMPR) Crystallizers and Oscillatory Baffled Crystallizers (OBC)

Yang, X., U.S. Food and Drug Administration
Acevedo, D. A., U.S. Food and Drug Administration
Naimi, S., University of Maryland
Mazumder, S., Office of Testing and Research, U.S. Food and Drug Administration
O'Connor, T., U.S. Food and Drug Administration
Cruz, C. N., U.S. Food and Drug Administration
Zhang, J., U.S. Food and Drug Administration
Wu, J., University of Maryland
Emerging technologies, such as continuous manufacturing (CM), have been trending in the pharmaceutical industry in the past few years1-2. Continuous crystallization is an important step to achieve an end-to-end CM process. Currently, there are two popular approaches for continuous crystallization processes: sequential mixed suspension mixed product removal (MSMPR) crystallizers3, and plug-flow oscillatory baffled crystallizer (OBC)4. Combined with our experience in developing continuous crystallization processes, we will discuss our understanding and lessons learned regarding the two systems from the perspective of risk assessment, process dynamics, implementation of PAT tools/methods, and the related control strategies. *This presentation only reflects the views of the authors and should not be construed to represent FDA’s views or policies


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