(304a) Chemical Engineering Innovations for a Renewable Economy

Agrawal, R., Purdue University
Chemical engineering evolved in the twentieth century with rise in the use of fossil resources and myriad of products derived from then. An array of these products required great innovations and made huge impact on the human race, and such examples include urea, transportation fuels, polymers, water purification chemicals, etc. Going forward as we make transition from fossil resources to renewable resources such as solar energy, wind and sustainably available biomass, we again have great opportunities for innovation that would not only make great impact but redefine chemical engineering. My talk will focus on my own experiences with challenges and opportunities presented to us as chemical engineers. I will share an overall perspective on the use of biomass as sustainable source of carbon, harvesting solar energy in conjunction with growing food without any land constraint, and creating solution processed solar cells that utilize chemical engineering principles along with knowledge from other engineering disciplines.