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(269c) Real-Time Analytics for IIoT


Sayyar-Rodsari, B. - Presenter, Rockwell Automation
Digital transformation, connected enterprise, and IIOT are various names that refer to an increasing interest by the manufacturing industry to make better use of the data they generate. A key driver behind this heightened interest is the expectation that the business will benefit from mining actionable information out of that data.

The prevailing discourse today equates successful digital transformation with big data analytics (often delivered via a cloud-centric infrastructure). This talk will argue that, at least in industrial applications, there are a significant subset of problems for which a cloud-centered big data approach is not necessary.

This talk will present a family of embedded analytics capabilities that are designed to extract actionable information out of streaming operation data. A brief description of each capability along with the results from real-world applications of the technology will be presented.