(247a) Influence of Interfaces on the Structural Evolution in Ionic Liquid-Ionic Liquid Mixtures | AIChE

(247a) Influence of Interfaces on the Structural Evolution in Ionic Liquid-Ionic Liquid Mixtures


Shah, J. K. - Presenter, Oklahoma State University
The flexibility to manipulate various interactions in ionic liquids by changing the cation, anion, or the various functional groups on the ions has drawn researchers to design tailor-made ionic liquids for a given application. Another approach that is gaining importance in tuning ionic liquid properties is to form binary, ternary, and reciprocal ionic liquid mixtures. The research in our group has demonstrated that the binary ionic liquid mixtures in which two anions are combined in different molar ratios for a given cation can lead to either native or non-native structures in the bulk depending on the difference between the hydrogen bonding ability of the participating anions. The non-native structures differ markedly from those for the pure ionic liquid analogues and impact the physical dissolution mechanism for gases as CO2. Given the importance of ionic liquids as electrolytes in the next-generation of batteries, it is likely that such ionic liquid mixtures will increasingly be investigated for their ability to transport ions to and from charged surfaces. However, very little is currently known regarding how the presence of a surface or an interface affects the local and long-range structures of binary ionic liquids. In this talk, we will present our initial findings in this field by examining the response of binary ionic liquid mixtures comprised of a single cation in combination with two anions when presented with a graphite surface. We will compare and contrast these structures to those obtained when binary ionic liquid mixtures are formed with a single anion and two cations and a graphite surface is introduced.