(240c) Multimodal Membrane Adsorbers for Clearance of Minute Virus of Mice

Patra, T., University of Arkansas
Chen, S. T., University of Arkansas
Wickramasinghe, S. R., University of Arkansas
Qian, X., University of Arkansas
Khereid, N., University of Arkansas
In recent years, several membrane adsorbers with high binding capacity have evolved for the removal of contaminants for the polishing steps during downstream purification of biologics. In particular, multimodal membrane adsorbers with tunable pore sizes and ligand properties have generated tremendous interest due to their many possible applications. Here the removal of Minute Virus of Mice (MVM), host cell proteins (HCPs) and DNA using multimodal membrane adsorber Puriâ„¢-MQ was studied. The membrane performance was evaluated over a range of feed and elution conditions. The effects of pH and HCP concentration on MVM clearance were investigated. Comparison with other membranes at similar conditions demonstrates that multimodal membranes are highly effective for virus clearance.