(228d) Gasification of Biomass Particles: Biochar Production, Particulate Emission, and Process Simulation

Wang, C. H., National University of Singapore
Shen, Y., National University of Singapore
Yao, Z., National University of Singapore
Wei, L., National University of Singapore
In this work, gasification experiments have been conducted to produce biochar particles under different reaction conditions (i.e. gasifying agents, reaction temperatures). The resulting biochar particles could be further converted to soil conditioner for plant growth. Effects of biochar addition ratio on Brassica rapa chinensis (pak choi) growth was investigated from 0% to 100% to find the optimal condition. During the gasification experiments, particulate matter (PM) emissions are characterized and size-dependent particle number concentrations are measured. An empirical formula is developed to determine the PM emission rate under different operating conditions. The results could potentially serve as a basis for better understanding of possible PM formation mechanisms. he proposed model could give more precise predictions of biochar production and the deviation between experimental and simulation results is less than 10%.