(227e) Technical and Economic Feasibility of Electron-Driven CO2 Reduction

Schaidle, J. A., National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Grim, G., NREL
Huang, Z., NREL
Tao, L., National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Renewable electricity can be leveraged to produce fuels and chemicals from CO2, offering sustainable routes to reduce the carbon intensity of our energy and products-driven economy. A number of approaches have been developed for the electron-driven reduction of CO2 to products, including both direct and indirect (via an energy carrier such as H2) pathways and spanning from electrochemical to biological to thermocatalytic conversion. This presentation will discuss the technical and economic feasibility of these pathways for utilizing electricity to reduce CO2 into C1-C3 products. The integration of these CO2 utilization technologies with emerging biorefineries will also be discussed.