(215d) Applications of ?-Nickel Hydroxide Catalyst for Electrochemical Water Splitting | AIChE

(215d) Applications of ?-Nickel Hydroxide Catalyst for Electrochemical Water Splitting


Balram, A. - Presenter, Molecule Works Inc.
Zhang, H., University of Texas at Arlington
Santhanagopalan, S., The University of Texas at Arlington
Nickel hydroxide is a highly effective material for several electrochemical applications. Especially the disordered α-Ni(OH)2 polymorph shows excellent performance for energy related applications. This work will cover few demonstrations of α-Ni(OH)2 electrodeposits specifically geared towards catalysis of oxygen evolution reaction (OER) in alkaline electrochemical water splitting. Three different Ni(OH)2-based nanostructured deposits fabricated using electric field directed deposition techniques will be explored. Standalone Ni(OH)2 based deposits, as well as, stainless steel nanoparticle and carbon nanotube (CNT) supported Ni(OH)2 deposits will be shown to be highly active OER catalysts. The standalone Ni(OH)2 nanocarpets show remarkable bubble repellent behavior allowing durable and efficient catalysis. OER overpotentials as low as 450 mV to sustain 500 mA/cm2 could be obtained with Ni(OH)2 modified stainless steel deposits. The Ni(OH)2 decorated CNT deposits can be further enhanced with platinum to produce excellent hydrogen evolution reaction catalysis. The OER/HER electrode combination shows stable water splitting at 10 mA/cm2 for 24 hours. Effective strategies toward exploiting excellent Ni(OH)2 activity via binder-free electrodeposits will be demonstrated.