(20a) Next Generation Charged Poly(arylene ether sulfone) Membranes: Integrating Fouling Resistance, Chlorine Tolerance, and Water/Salt Permselectivity

Green, M. D. - Presenter, Arizona State University
Yang, Y., Arizona State University
Poly(arylene ether sulfone)s (PAES) have been used for membrane-based separations because of their processability, oxidative stability, and their robust thermomechanical properties. Recently, we have identified a synthetic pathway to introduce a variety of functional groups to the PAES backbone, which can tune the transport characteristics and fouling resistance without degrading the chlorine tolerance. This talk will highlight the adaptable nature of the synthetic pathway and the impact the added functionality has on surface and cross-section characteristics, processability, and thermomechanical performance. In addition, the membrane performance, both the energy efficiency and permselectivity, for the treatment of saline waters with foulants and scalants will be discussed. To date, a variety of source waters with a range of salinities and compositions have been tested, which speaks to the modularity of these promising membranes. In summary, this talk will highlight recent efforts to develop a platform membrane technology suitable to remove a range of contaminants at variable concentrations in order to deliver potable water.