(181z) A Robust Cotton Textile Based Material for High Flux Oil-Water Separation

Guo, H., Tianjin university
Zhang, L., Tianjin University
Yang, J., Tianjin University
PDMS-based materials have been extensively studied in oil-water separation. However, their successful application is commonly limited by low efficiency, vulnerability to acid/alkali, complex processing procedures, incapability for emulsion separation, etc. Here, a highly durable and robust separation material is developed by coating PDMS-based amphiphilic copolymers on cotton textiles with a facile sol-gel approach. Solely driven by gravity, this new material not only can enable effective separation of oil-water mixture with a flux as high as ~7500 L m-2 h-1, but also can separate surfactant-stabilized water-in-oil emulsion. Moreover, it remains fully functional even in the environments with high concentrations of acid, alkalinity, or salt. This novel and versatile strategy holds great promise to be widely used in practical applications of oil-water separation, including oil/chemical spill accidents and industrial sewage emission.