(181r) Magnesium Ion Conduction in Poly(ionic liquids) with Organic Cations

Park, B., University of Notre Dame
Schaefer, J., University of Notre Dame
Magnesium is one of the promising candidate metals for rechargeable battery systems due to its high abundance and theoretical volumetric capacity. Solid polymer electrolytes for magnesium batteries have been researched to design safer batteries due to their thermal and electrochemical stability. However, the magnesium cation is hard to transport due to its strong interactions with coordinating species. Poly(ionic liquids) with anions covalently bonded to the polymer backbone allow solely cations to transport, which mitigates concentration polarization in the electrolyte. In this presentation, the transport of magnesium cations in poly(ionic liquids) with bulky organic cations will be discussed. The effects of varying the poly(anion) as well as the counter organic cation are investigated through ion transport, thermal, and structural characterization.