(181e) Monolayer Two-Dimensional Polymers for Wafer-Scale Heterostructures | AIChE

(181e) Monolayer Two-Dimensional Polymers for Wafer-Scale Heterostructures


Zhong, Y. - Presenter, Columbia University
Park, J., University of Chicago
Cheng, B., University of Chicago
Park, C., University of Chicago
Mujid, F., University of Chicago
Lee, J. U., University of Chicago
Suh, J., University of Chicago
Brown, S., University of Chicago
Sibener, S. J., University of Chicago
Zhou, H., Argonne National Laboratory
Ray, A., Cornell University
Muller, D. A., Cornell University
Large-scale synthesis of high-quality polymer thin films and heterostructures based on molecular building blocks will lead to the development of organic electronics and artificial solids designed at the molecular level with novel chemical functionalities. In this presentation, I show the synthesis of molecularly designed crystalline films, known as two-dimensional (2D) polymers, with wafer-scale homogeneity in the ultimate monolayer thickness limit. The lattice structure and optical properties of these one-molecule-thick freestanding crystalline films are directly controlled through different molecular building blocks and cross-linking chemistries. These films are synthesized using a newly developed liquid-liquid interfacial growth method called laminar assembly polymerization (LAP). Our 2D polymers are fully compatible with existing large-scale patterning and integration methods, which we successfully demonstrate by producing arrays of hybrid heterostructures and superlattices built layer by layer using 2D polymers and 2D atomic crystals.