(181av) Isosorbide-Based Low Viscosity Resins for Additive Manufacturing Applications | AIChE

(181av) Isosorbide-Based Low Viscosity Resins for Additive Manufacturing Applications


Chu, X. - Presenter, Drexel University
Berensmann, H., Drexel University
La Scala, J., US Army Research Laboratory
Palmese, G., Drexel University
Additive manufacturing is currently at the forefront of the seemingly impending industrial revolution as researchers are investigating new ways to improve and optimize the manufacturing of machine/tooling components. Widely understood as Industrialized 3-D printing, additive manufacturing provides the promise of manufacturing entire machines and machine parts such as jet engines, hearing aids and gas turbines. According to studies conducted by the Fraunhofer Additive Manufacturing Alliance, approximately 150 companies currently operate in this services market; an interesting prospect as market researchers forecast a 300% growth in additive manufacturing niches over the next decade. Although currently used for rapid prototyping, additive manufacturing is expected to grow past conventional production methods as it is projected to be 50% cheaper and 400% faster in the next five years. This work aims to show the synthesis and characterization of isosorbide based low viscosity crosslinkers that can potentially be integrated into additive manufacturing resins. Isosorbide based crosslinkers have the potential to impart high thermal properties (Tg~ 220 °C) and high modulus (> 4 GPa) on bio-based polymers for additive manufacturing.