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(160e) Delivering Therapeutic Drugs to Rejuvenate Progenitor Cells


Hanjaya-Putra, D. - Presenter, University of Notre Dame
The controlled delivery of bioactive molecules to the cell surface can significantly widen the therapeutic window, as well as enhance therapeutic potential of progenitor cells. Here we describe a strategy to rejuvenate endothelial progenitor cells (EPCs) via the conjugation of adjuvant drug-loaded nanoparticles to the surface of progenitor cells. Cord blood EPCs isolated from patients with gestational diabetes exhibit lower vasculogenic potential and altered epigenetic regulation. By providing sustained pseudoautocrine stimulation, we can significantly rejuvenate the progenitor phenotypes and improve therapeutic potential of EPCs. Collectively, strategy to deliver therapeutic drugs to the cell surface represents a powerful tool that has a wide range of translational applications.