(145f) Energy Harvesting Sensors Using Magnetic Phase Transition | AIChE

(145f) Energy Harvesting Sensors Using Magnetic Phase Transition


Kansha, Y. - Presenter, The University of Tokyo
Ishizuka, M., The University of Tokyo
Many countries have recently become interested in cyber-physical systems (CPS) in industry and society for sustainable development. CPS equips a data acquisition function, a data storage function, and a network to transfer data. To deploy CPS, it necessary to develop overall security systems, to increase their energy efficiency and to find new energy sources. To overcome these energy-related issues, in this research we investigated the possibility of integrating data acquisition sensors with a recently developed energy harvesting system that combines the magnetic phase transition resulting from changes in temperature, and electromagnetic induction. The proposed system can provide wireless temperature or velocity sensors that directly measure electromotive forces generated by Faraday's law of induction without any additional energy input. Our proposed energy harvesting sensors have the potential to contribute significantly to the development of CPS in the near future.