(122b) A Membrane Biochip Platform for Molecular Biomarker Diagnostics | AIChE

(122b) A Membrane Biochip Platform for Molecular Biomarker Diagnostics


Early diagnosis of cancer and cardiovascular diseases can be achieved by monitoring upstream gene expression pathways. Cells under acute stress form stress granules to protect their RNAs. Cells also gather and discard expired RNAs in nanoscale vesicles like liposomes, microvesicles or exosomes that can be secreted. As these nano-transporters prevent RNA degradation, their molecular cargo can induce disease states in other cells but can also incite collective immuno-response and defensive states. The latest liquid biopsy technologies hence profile circulating vesicular RNAs to detect irregular translation/expression. The diverse heterogeneity of nanocarriers and their molecular cargoes requires a systemic approach that is as complex as their genesis. My group integrates high-yield vesicle/molecule extraction, fractionation, purification and sensing electrokinetic modules into tunable high-throughput systems for large panels of pan-disease biomarkers. The modules contain electric field activated ion-selective media like gels and membranes with unique rectification, pH and ionic-strength control features. These ionic circuit components are integrated with a second layer of (detachable) electronic circuitry. We report some successful platform validation with spiked cancer cell media and clinical samples.