(120b) Large Area Monolayer Coatings for Janus Particle Production | AIChE

(120b) Large Area Monolayer Coatings for Janus Particle Production


Gilchrist, J. - Presenter, Lehigh University
Gao, J., Lehigh University
Janus particles, having two hemispheres of different character, have widespread potential use as rheological modifiers, physical surfactants, microswimmers, and active sensors for bioapplications. They are not commonly used in industrial processes because of the lack of ability to produce them on a large scale. Specifically, the most common fabrication method is to create monolayer coatings that are functionalized through physical vapor deposition. One key limitation is the ability to coat large areas of particles. This talk will introduce our Automated Langmuir Blodgett (ALB) coating process that allows roll-to-roll coating of nanometer to micron-scale particles. This method will be discussed in light of creating large area particle arrays for functionalization of magnetic Janus particles and our initial results into making pilot plant-scale quantities of particles.