(103d) Innovation for Direct Use of Ammonia in the Energy Market | AIChE

(103d) Innovation for Direct Use of Ammonia in the Energy Market


Muraki, S. - Presenter, Tokyo Gas Co
SIP “Energy Carriers” in Japan from 2014 to 2018 developed technologies to use ammonia directly in power generation, industrial and maritime markets.

Key achievements are developments of Gas Turbines from small size to ACCGT, SOFC, mix combustion in coal fired power units, industrial furnaces and maritime diesel engines. Technologies to control NOx emissions under regulations are well developed.

Our feasibility studies indicate high potentiality of ammonia for carbon-free fuel in the energy market.

After SIP “Energy Carriers” was finished, further technology development, demonstration and deployment would be continuously supported by The Green Ammonia Consortium established April 2019. The consortium is targeting to start commercial use of carbon-free ammonia in power generation in the middle of 2020s.


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