Sustainable Management and Uses of Post-Consumer Materials and Waste | AIChE

Sustainable Management and Uses of Post-Consumer Materials and Waste


Ruiz-Mercado, G., U.S. Environmental Protection Agency


Trembly, J., Ohio University

This session is to provide a platform for discussing recent modeling and experimental studies regarding the sustainable management of any organic matter in waste or end-of-use phase. Topics include life-cycle analyses for organic/inorganic material (e.g., biosolids, domestic organic material, livestock waste, crop residues, etc.), integrated nutrient management, supply chain; sustainable watershed management; livestock post-consumer material processing and management, social impact, and associated techno-economic assessments. In addition, potential recycling, recovery, and end-of-use strategies (e.g., policy incentives and regulations) to allocate economic values to efforts that reduce environmental impact by the sustainable management of organic waste are pertinent.



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