Electrochemical Advances to Enable Efficient Oxygen, Hydrogen and Water Reactions I

Wu, G., University At Buffalo
Yang, H., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

The electrochemical inter-conversion of oxygen, hydrogen and water molecules plays a critical role in several applications including electrolyzers and fuel cells. In the three key components of the cell - anode, cathode and electrolyte - materials and operational advances can lead to a reduction in the amount of energy that is wasted during these transformations. This symposium will focus on the most recent materials-level and cell-level advances that have been made to reduce the overpotentials in aqueous electrochemical systems. Selected topics of interest include: development of new catalysts (both noble metal and noble-metal free) for the oxygen evolution/reduction and hydrogen evolution/oxidation reactions in acid and alkaline media, novel electrolytes, novel cell architectures, and the influence cell operating conditions (temperature, pressure, etc.). Both physical and theoretical computational studies are encouraged.



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