(96f) Green Synthesis of Fluorescent Nanomaterials for Optical Bioimaging and Beyond

Wang, D. - Presenter, Beijing University of Chemical Technology
Pu, Y., Beijing University of Chemical Technology
Wang, J. X., Beijing University of Chemical Technology
Chen, J. F., Beijing University of Chemical Technology
Fluorescent nanoparticles have received intense scientific attention and offer promising applications in many fields from optoelectronic devices to cancer treatment. The development of robust mass-scale nanoparticle synthesis methods is one of key materials challenges in moving towards fluorescent nanoparticles for commercialization and advanced applications. In this talk, I will summarize our work on green and scalable synthesis of fluorescent nanoparticles, including biomass-derived carbon dots, subcritical water technology for nanonization of organic compounds and preparation of inorganic nanoparticles by high-gravity process intensification technology. The applications of related fluorescent nanoparticles in biomedical imaging and therapy from cells to animals will be introduced. A brief overview of this exciting field, along with some challenges and opportunities, will also be presented.


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