(92e) Synthesis of a Sustainable Multifunctional Biodiesel Additive from Lipid-Enhanced Sludges

Maglinao, R., Montana State University-Northern
Revellame, E., University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Underground mining use biodiesel blends to reduce harmful exhaust emissions from diesel engines. In practice, diesel and biodiesel are stored separately and blended on site. Unfortunately, the storage and handling of neat biodiesel (B100) becomes challenging during the cold weather season due to biodiesel’s undesirable cold flow properties and poor oxidative stability. This study investigated phenyl-branched fatty acid methyl esters (PB-FAME) synthesized from lipid-enhanced sludges as a multifunctional additive to improve biodiesel’s cloud point (CP), an indicator of cold flow performance, and oxidative stability index (OSI). Different dosages of the PB-FAME were added to canola biodiesel. Results indicated that canola biodiesel with PB-FAME has a lower CP and higher OSI than neat canola biodiesel.