(92d) Insights into the Anaerobic Digestion of Catfish and Shrimp Processing Wastewaters

Fortela, D. L., University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Revellame, E., University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Sharp, W., University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Zappi, M., University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Anaerobic digestion has been explored for the treatment of industrial wastewaters and for their potential for biogas production. This talk presents some key insights into digestion of wastewaters from catfish and shrimp processing facilities. Research on bench scale and pilot scale systems have tested effects of various pretreatment methods such as nutrient amendment, acid pretreatment, alkali pretreatment, and ozonation on digestion performance. Process designs have been created for the integration of operational digestion systems into the processing systems of the industrial partners. There are various economic, environmental and business aspects dictating the selection of design alternatives. There are numerous challenges and solutions in implementing a digestion system from bench scale to pilot scale and eventually to operational industrial scale.