(91g) Forward Flux Sampling Using Jumpy Order Parameters | AIChE

(91g) Forward Flux Sampling Using Jumpy Order Parameters

Forward-flux sampling (FFS) is a path sampling technique that has gained increased popularity in recent years, and has been used to compute rates of rare event phenomena such as crystallization, condensation, hydrophobic evaporation, DNA hybridization and protein folding. The popularity of FFS is not only due to its ease of implementation, but also because it is not very sensitive to the particular choice of an order parameter. The order parameter utilized in conventional FFS, however, still needs to satisfy a stringent smoothness criterion in order to assure sequential crossing of FFS milestones. This condition is usually violated for order parameters utilized for describing aggregation phenomena such as crystallization. In this talk, I will present a generalized FFS algorithm for which this smoothness criterion is no longer necessary, and apply it to compute homogeneous crystal nucleation rates in several systems. Our numerical tests reveal that conventional FFS can sometimes underestimate the nucleation rate by several orders of magnitude.