(742d) Properties of Ionic Liquids and Other Solvents Containing Functionalities Based on Glycerol Skeletons

Qian, S., University of Alabama
Bara, J. E., University of Alabama
O'Harra, K. E., University of Alabama
Dennis, G. P., University of Alabama
Jones, T. A., University of Alabama
Glycerol and epichlorohydrin are inexpensive and versatile starting materials for the synthesis of ionic liquids (ILs) and glycerol triether (GTE) solvents containing multiple ether functionalities organized in a branched (rather than linear) arrangement. This presentation will detail our work in the design and synthesis of the requisite precursors and the physical, chemical and thermodynamic properties of the associated ILs and GTEs as new, high-performance, environmentally-friendly solvents for CO2 absorption.