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(728f) Semantic Networking Facility for the Biorefining Community


Cecelja, F. - Presenter, University of Surrey
Kalemi, E., University of Surrey
Koo, L., University of Surrey
Semantic Networking Facility for the Biorefining Community

Edlira KALEMI1, Linsey KOO1, Franjo CECELJA1

1Process & Information Systems Engineering Research Centre

University of Surrey

e.kalemi@surrey.ac.uk, f.cecelja@surrey.ac.uk, m.koo@surrey.ac.uk


Biorefining is a dynamic field with ever growing number of computer models developed, heterogeneous data acquired and generally new knowledge generated in large volumes, all to serve functions at different scales and for different purposes. Sharing and reusing of these resources, especially models and data, inherently saves developing time, but also enables solving ever more complex problems and addressing ever more complex functions. This, in turn, necessitates efficient networking tool to allow for publishing, discovery, but also inferring new knowledge and integration of resources, dominantly computer models.

This paper introduces a semantic networking facility developed to enable an efficient reuse and sharing of knowledge and resources in the domain of biorefining. Built around model integration platform, this networking facility allows for knowledge and other resources in the domain of biorefining to be accessible by humans, but also by agents and services. It is organised as a collaborative, WiKi like platform, aiming to facilitate collaboration and to bring biorefining community together by sharing knowledge and resources. The operation of the proposed facility is supported by a biorefining domain ontology, but also by Semantic Media Wiki extension. Outstanding features of the Biorefining Semantic Wiki include semantic repository for biorefining models, model discovery and integration tool, supply chain networking and demonstration, documentation, including published article repository and discovery, forum for the community and with active social media of the biorefining community. The operation of Biorefining Semantic Wiki has been implemented as a semantic web service and its operation verified in practice.