(724g) Preparation of Lithium Ion Battery Cathode Composites Using Leonardite-Derived Humic Acid

Baker, J. - Presenter, University of North Dakota
Hou, X., University of North Dakota
Hou, Y., Clean Republic LLC
Mann, M., University of North Dakota
Graphene can be used to greatly improve the performance of lithium ion batteries by increasing energy density, decreasing internal resistance, and improving cycling stability and low-temperature performance. High molecular weight humic acid has properties very similar to graphene oxide and has been shown to be capable of yielding graphene upon reduction. North Dakota leonardite is a form of oxidized, low-rank coal which has been found to have high levels of humic acid. This study focuses on using leonardite-derived humic acid to prepare a graphene-modified cathode material for lithium ion batteries, and the effect the modified cathode has on the electrochemical performance of the cell.


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