(716a) PEG-Based Polyampholytes As Cryopreservatives | AIChE

(716a) PEG-Based Polyampholytes As Cryopreservatives


Lynd, N. - Presenter, University of Texas at Austin
Burkey, A. A., University of Texas at Austin
Improved cryopreservatives are necessary to enable complete recovery of living cells and tissue after frozen storage. A key challenge in cryopreservation is reducing osmotic and mechanical toxicity on cells during freezing. Herein, we synthesized a new class of polyether-based polyampholytes with statistical control of polymer structure and charge. Excellent biocompatibility was demonstrated, and cryoprotective efficacy was evaluated for each material. Optimization of composition led to significant advances in cryoprotective performance, and an emerging understanding of the mechanism of cryopreservation.