(710a) The Living Journal of Computational Molecular Science: Improving Community Use of Molecular Simulation Methods through a New Publishing Model

Shirts, M. R., University of Colorado Boulder
Mobley, D. L., University of California Irvine
Zuckerman, D. M., University of Pittsburgh
The Living Journal of Computational Molecular Science (LiveCoMS) provides an open source, peer-reviewed home for manuscripts which share best practices in molecular modeling and simulation. LiveCOMS is ultra-low cost, non-profit, and aims to incentivize, through publication, uncommon or unique article types that will improve standards of use for molecular simulation and modeling. These works are living articles, regularly updated on GitHub with community input, and can include perpetually updated reviews, articles describing best practices, tutorials, comparisons between software packages, and other articles which aim to improve the use of simulation by practitioners in the field and also benefit from ongoing updates.

LiveCOMS is now open for submission, with planned first issue in Q4 of 2018. I will discuss how LiveCOMS meets needs, both for authors and for readers, that other journals do not, and the benefits of publishing an article in LiveCOMS. I will also describe how the process of updating a journal article, unique to LiveCOMS, can substantially increase the utility of the material in the article over the long term.