(6jf) Molecular Simulations of Biological Self-Assembly

Zerze, G. - Presenter, Princeton University
Research Interests: The overarching goal in my research program is the design and engineering of biologically related materials, ranging from protein self-assemblies to bio-nano sensing devices. Along the way of achieving this goal, my main contribution is understanding the physics behind the biological phenomena including but not limited to protein folding/non-folding/misfolding, DNA hybridization, aqueous solvation and bio-nano interfaces. The methods that I use to execute the research mostly relies on molecular simulations, computational modeling, and programming. A key aspect of my research is the continuous contribution to the improvement of computational methods.

This poster will include my experience in atomistic simulations of biologically related materials including protein folding/unfolding/non-folding/misfolding, aqueous solvation and bio-nano interfaces.

Teaching Interests: I am extensively experienced in and ready to teach all core subjects of Chemical Engineering at the undergraduate level, including Physical Chemistry, Classical and Statistical Thermodynamics, Phase and Reaction Equilibria, Chemical Reaction Engineering, Transport Phenomena, Applied Mathematics and Numerical Methods. Additionally, I have an advanced knowledge on Molecular Simulation Techniques, Physical Chemistry, Statistical Thermodynamics, Numerical Methods, Polymer Physics that will help me design and teach advanced classes of the mentioned subjects. I am also keen on designing online-friendly teaching materials and demonstrative tutorials as well as online repositories of the teaching material.