(6ee) Electromagnetic and Chemical Treatment for Efficient Multiphase Petroleum Transportation

Lu, Y. - Presenter, University of Tulsa
Research Interests:

My research interests are at the interactions of chemical engineering, petroleum engineering, and mechanical engineering. I strive to conduct cutting-edge research that uses multidisciplinary approaches tackle the challenges encountered in the modern pipeline transportation of petroleum fluids. This type of research interfaces multiple disciplines of rheology, colloid science, phase behavior, and multiphase flow and is motivated by the goal to improve pipeline integrity, safety and operational efficiency.

Teaching Interests:

I am an experienced instructor and dedicated mentor. As the recipient of 7 teaching appointments, I have taught or assisted in teaching 4 theoretical courses, 1 laboratory course, and 1 design course in both Chemical Engineering Department and Petroleum Engineering Department. These teaching experience have left me with a strong belief in an interdisciplinary approach to teaching chemical engineering. I would be interested in teaching fundamental chemical engineering courses such as fluid dynamics, thermodynamics and transport phenomena, as well as developing selected topics courses focusing on the application of chemical engineering principles in modern petroleum industry. I would also like develop general skill development courses that target to enhance the student’s problem solving, critical thinking, creative thinking and troubleshooting skills and to ease the transition from college to workplace.


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