(674e) Stability of MOF Nanoparticles in High Ionic Strength Solutions

Nune, S. K., Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
McGrail, B. P., Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Stability of MOF Nanoparticles in High Ionic Strength Solutions

Satish K. Nune and Peter B. McGrail

Strong MOF dispersion stability, and endurance in high ionic strength solutions are the two primary pre-requirements for their use in critical metal extraction from geothermal brines. The major challenge in re-utilization of MOF nanoparticles for critical metal extraction after electromagnetic separation followed by acid treatment in aqueous environments is their high aggregation tendency that potentially encumbers the overall performance. This is due to fact that smaller particles have higher cohesive forces than the larger particles. Aggregation of MOF nanoparticles has the following disadvantages (1) it increases the particle size thus decreases the available surface area and increase mass transfer resistance and (2) it decreases the access to the functional groups that are absolutely necessary for critical metal extraction. We will present our results on the use of various adsorbing polymers on the temperature dependent stability of nanoparticles. We will also present the detailed analysis and mechanism that controls the temperature dependent stability when adsorbing polymers are used