(666c) Interpretation of the Far-Infrared Optical Spectrum of SWCNTs and Graphene

Richter, C. - Presenter, University of Iceland
Dichiara, A., University of Washington
Rezouali, K., University of Bejaia
Both metallic and semiconducting SWCNT’s have a broad optical absorption peak that spans the terahertz and far-infrared regions of the electromagnetic spectrum. This feature is, for the most part, absent in graphene.

This talk will review new and existing experimental evidence for the assignment of this unique optical peak found only in SWCNTs (“rolled up” graphene) but not planar graphene itself. Once we motivated the assignment of this peak we will consider how the far-infrared region of the electromagnetic spectrum can be utilized to characterize the doping and/or functionalization, the degree of dispersion and alignment of SWCNTs and SWCNT films.