(630e) Fluidized-Bed CVD of Si@SiC@C-like Nanoparticle and Its Application As Anode Materials

Zhang, C., Tsinghua University
Yu, C., Tsinghua University
Wei, F., Tsinghua University
Xiao, Z., Tsinghua University
Among the anode materials, silicon (Si) has the poor cycling performance induced by the large volume expansion (300%) which can break the solid electrolyte interface (SEI) during the lithium ion insertion/extraction, although it can provide the highest theoretical capacity as the most promising candidate for the next generation lithium ion batteries. For the purpose of make a stable SEI, a novel Si@SiC@C-like nanomaterial has been designed to gain 800mAh g-1 at the current dense of 1 A g-1 after 800 cycles. Besides, those nanoparticles can be easily obtained though chemical vapor deposition (CVD) in a fluidized bed at low cost. A reaction mechanism and the rate equations have been proposed based on the understanding of the effect of reaction temperature, partial pressure of reactant gas and time of synthesis on the yield of Si@SiC@C-like nanoparticles.