(612c) Process Analysis of Amine-Functionalized Adsorbents for CO2 Capture Applications

Darunte, L. A. - Presenter, Georgia Institute of Techology
Sen, T., Georgia Institute of Technology
Walton, K., Georgia Institute of Technology
Sholl, D. S., Georgia Institute of Technology
Realff, M. J., Georgia Institute of Technology
Jones, C. W., Georgia Institute of Technology
Amine-functionalized adsorbents such as MIL-101(Cr) impregnated with poly (ethyleneimine) (PEI) and Mg2(dobpdc) functionalized with N,N’-dimethyl ethylene diamine (MMEN) have shown high capacity and stability for CO2 capture under different concentrations. The stepped CO2 adsorption isotherm in mmen-Mg2(dobpdc) also allows for a high working capacity in a temperature swing process. However, nearly all analyses of such systems have focused on equilibrium adsorption assessments, whereas a robust process must take into account equilibrium capacity, kinetics, and the shape of the isotherm. In this work, CO2 adsorption in these materials was studied using packed bed and thermogravimetric systems. The effects of flowrate and temperature on the breakthrough profiles were studied. Mass transfer during CO2 adsorption was modeled using a linear driving force model and the performance of the system was evaluated using the productivity of the bed (mmol/g/h) for different concentrations and flowrates. Overall, this talk will address many aspects that can enable system design considering the adsorbent combined with specific CO2 application conditions.