(602e) Butanol Production By Fermentation with New Symbiotic Strain TSH06 | AIChE

(602e) Butanol Production By Fermentation with New Symbiotic Strain TSH06


Zhang, J. - Presenter, Tsinghua University
Wu, P., Tsinghua University
Mi, S., Tsinghua University
Mai, S., Tsinghua University
Lin, Z., Institute of Nuclear and New Energy Technology, Tsinghua University
Gu, C., Tsinghua University
Liu, Y., Shihezi University
Wang, G., Tsinghua University
Zhou, Y., Tsinghua University
Liu, H., Tsinghua University
In spite of the increasingly serious problem of global energy shortage and environmental deterioration, butanol has been developed as a promising renewable energy because butanol has some characteristics better than that of ethanol. Traditional ABE fermentation use strict anaerobic strain to produce butanol. In our research, a new symbiotic strain TSH06 was isolated to produce butanol, which could produce butanol under micro-aerobic condition. The results indicated that ratio of acetone: butanol: ethanol reached 1:8:1, butnaol yield reached 0.31, and butanol concentration reached 19.2g/L, respectively in batch fermentation after optimized technology. Furthermore, butanol fermentation integrated with gas stripping technology was also investigated.