(587a) How We Teach: Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics | AIChE

(587a) How We Teach: Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics


Vigeant, M. - Presenter, Bucknell University
Silverstein, D. L., University of Kentucky
Dahm, K., Rowan University
Landherr, L. J., Northeastern University
Cole, J., Northwestern University
Ford, L., University of Tulsa
The authors present the results of the 2018 AIChE Education Division survey on how chemical engineering thermodynamics courses are taught. The survey contacted all chemical engineering department chairs in the US and Canada and requested that the link be forwarded to faculty who recently taught in the thermodynamics course/course sequence. The report consists of two parts: the statistical and demographic characterization of the course and its content; and the remainder seeks to bring out interesting and effective teaching practices described by survey respondents. Additionally, a limited historical comparison is made between the selected survey results and surveys on the same course conducted in previous years.