(551h) Enhanced Gas Separation Performance of Mixed-Linker Zeolitic Imidazolate Framework ZIF Membranes Via Post Synthetic Ligand Exchange | AIChE

(551h) Enhanced Gas Separation Performance of Mixed-Linker Zeolitic Imidazolate Framework ZIF Membranes Via Post Synthetic Ligand Exchange


Lee, M. J. - Presenter, Texas A&M University
Jeong, H. K., Texas A&M University
Abdul Hamid, M. R., Texas A&M University
Hsu, Y. C., Texas A&M University
Bates, S., Texas A&M University
Zeolitic-imidazolate frameworks (ZIFs), a subclass of MOFs, consisting of transition metals (Zn, Co, etc.) and imidazole-derived ligands, have drawn attention mainly due to their ultra-micropores (< 5 Å) and relatively high thermal/chemical stabilities.1 A prototypical ZIF, ZIF-8, consisting of Zn and 2-methylimidazole with sodalite (SOD) zeolitic topology, is one of the most widely studied ZIFs mainly due to its robust synthesis and potential for gas separations due to its well-defined pore size. ZIF-7, consisting of Zn and benzimidazole with SOD, exhibits smaller pore size (ca. 3.2 Å)2 than ZIF-8 (ca. 4.0 Å)3, therefore promising for helium or hydrogen separation.4

Properties of MOFs including gas transport properties are affected by structures of MOFs. To obtain MOFs with new properties, one can obtain via 1) direct (de novo) synthesis of new MOFs and 2) post-synthetic modifications (PSMs) of existing MOFs. PSMs include post-synthetic ligand and metal exchange5. Compared to the complex and sensitive nature of MOF formation process via de novo synthesis,6 PSMs are a simple and facile approach to impart new properties since daughter MOFs with new properties can be obtained without compromising the structures of mother MOFs. Recent studies have shown that PSMs can modify pore size and surface properties, thereby separation performances.7-9

In this talk, we would like to present improved gas separation performances of ZIF-8 membranes via post-synthetic ligand exchange by systematically reducing the effective aperture size of ZIF-8. Mother ZIF-8 membranes prepared by a secondary growth were subjected to post-synthetic linker exchange with ZIF-7 linkers, i.e., benzimidazole. The effects of the PSM on the gas separation performance and water stability of the modified membranes will be discussed.


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