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(544z) Pt-Ru/CNTs Electrocatalysts for Direct Methanol Fuel Cell


Tavakoli Mehrabadi, B. A. - Presenter, University of South Carolina
Regalbuto, J., University of South Carolina
Weidner, J., University of South Carolina
Monnier, J. R., University of South Carolina
A series of bimetallic Pt-Ru carbon-nanotubes supported catalyst have been prepared by combination of strong electrostatic adsorption (SEA) and electroless deposition (ED) methods. Previous studies have shown that combining SEA and ED methods can increase the surface area of the Pt particles by lowering the particle sizes of the bimetallic particles [1]; however, decreasing particle sizes can result in other problems such as thermal stability. Therefore, new routes for development of highly active and stable catalyst supports have become important to study. Among the different forms of carbon support, carbon nanotubes (CNTs) are especially known for their crystallinity which not only imparts structural uniformity and high electrical conductivity, but also assures stability of the nanomaterials deposited on the support. In addition, they fulfill the properties of high surface area, high thermal conductivities, extraordinary strength, and resilience to an acidic environment, all of which can prove highly important for improving the performance of a fuel cell catalyst.

In this work we have investigated the effect of CNTs support for the methanol electro-oxidation reaction. The combination of SEA and ED methods have been used for deposition of Pt-Ru bimetallic catalysts on CNTs and to predict the effect of support on DMFC performance. The materials synthesized will be characterized by X-ray diffraction (XRD) spectroscopy for crystal structure will be employed to examine elemental analysis and distribution. To observe surface morphology HRTEM images will be used, and BET surface areas and pore volume measurements will be carried out to evaluate porosity and pore size distributions.


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