(544k) Hydrotreating of Biomass Derived Bio-Oil/Bio-Crude | AIChE

(544k) Hydrotreating of Biomass Derived Bio-Oil/Bio-Crude


Santosa, D., Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Biomass and waste, as sustainable resources, can be converted to liquid transportation fuel blendstock by liquefaction, including fast pyrolysis and hydrothermal liquefaction (HTL), followed by produced bio-oil/bio-crude hydrotreating. Some characteristics of bio-oil/bio-crude, such as high oxygen and water content and chemical instability of fast pyrolysis bio-oil, bring significant challenges for hydrotreating technologies regarding catalyst and operation stability, hydrogen and carbon efficiency, and requirement of simultaneously removal of significant amount of heteroatoms. This presentation will summarize our recent work on bio-oil/bio-crude hydrotreating including process development and impact of bio-oil/bio-crude feedstocks, including fast pyrolysis bio-oil, catalytic fast pyrolysis bio-oil, and HTL bio-crude, on hydrotreating performance. We will also provide updates on our most recent work on co-processing biomass derived bio-oil/bio-crude with petroleum streams in hydrotreating process.