(544fv) Oxidative Steam Reforming of Methanol over Cu-Zn-Al Oxides for the Production of Hydrogen

Liu, Y. Q., Xiamen University
Li, S., Xiamen University
Huang, X., Xiamen University
To study the feasibility of using the conventional CuZnAl-oxides catalysts for hydrogen production via oxidative steam reforming of methanol (OSRM), CuZnAl-oxides with different copper-zinc ratios were prepared by the reverse-coprecipitation method, and compared to the commercial CuZnAl catalyst SCST-401. It was found that the performance of the prepared catalysts improved with the increased copper-zinc molar ratio. Specifically, the prepared Cu30Zn10Al catalyst had the best performace for OSRM reaction in 200-600℃, while Zn40Al was found to have the activity similar to Cu20Zn20Al and Cu10Zn30Al at the temperature range of 500-600℃. Additionally, the Cu30Zn10Al exhibited the similar methanol conversion to the commercial catalyst SCST-401 (whose copper content was much higher), yet was much more stable and with higher activity at relatively lower temperature of 200-300℃. Therefore, the developed CuZnAl-oxides were believed to be a type of promising catalysts for on-board reforming of methanol for hydrogen production and worth further study.