(544fi) Studies on Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis over Co/Ru/Me-Apso-34 Catalyst

Kim, H. D., Korea University
Hong, G. H., Korea Institue of Science and TechnologyKorea Institute of Science and Technology
Alizade Eslami, A., Korea University of Science and Technology
Noh, Y. S., Korea Institute of Science and Technology
Song, H. T., Korea University of Science and Technology
Nasim, G. S., KIST
Moon, D. J., Korea University of Science and Technology
There has been recently a revival of interest in eco-friendly fuels and alternative route for the clean fuel production. The Gas to Liquid (GTL) process is one of the most promising technologies for clean fuel production. In the GTL process, Fischer-Tropsch synthesis (FTS) reaction is known as a crucial catalytic process which converts synthesis gas (CO + H2) to value added hydrocarbon products.

In this study, the Me-APSO-34 (Me = Mn, Ni, Zr) catalysts were synthesized by conventional hydrothermal method, and Co/Ru/Me-APSO-34 catalyst was prepared by sequential impregnation method. Metal incorporation has a great impact on the Si distribution at the crystalline structure, hence by modifying the incorporation metal, consequently the Si/Al ratio changes and variable acidity of Me-APSO-34 has been controlled. The physiochemical properties of all prepared catalysts have been characterized by XRD, BET and NH3-TPD techniques.

The catalytic performance of Co/Ru/Me-APSO-34 in the Fischer-Tropsch synthesis has been conducted in a fixed bed reactor. The products were analyzed by on-line and off-line GC. The catalytic performance over Co/Ru/Me-APSO-34 catalysts were compared with unmodified Co/Ru/SAPO-34 catalyst.