(544es) Quasi-2D Pd/Pt Nanoclams for CO2 Reduction in Tandem with Microbial Communities

Wong, A. B., Stanford University
Antoniuk-Pablant, A., Stanford University
Kracke, F., Stanford University
Spormann, A. M., Stanford University
Hahn, C., Stanford University
Jaramillo, T. F., Stanford University
Improving the performance of cathodes for the electrochemical CO2 reduction reaction (CO2RR) will benefit from the discovery of new materials as well as the introduction of new paradigms such as the pairing of electrochemical CO2 reduction with microbial communities. This work focuses on the synthesis and CO2 reduction activity of a novel quasi-2D Pd/Pt bimetallic ‘nanoclam’ catalyst synthesized on carbon cloth electrodes as well as the integration of these novel nanostructured cathodes with microbial communities. The integration of microbial communities with these nanostructured Pd/Pt catalysts has the potential to combine the best-of-both-worlds from electrochemical and biological systems to achieve a regenerative catalytic system with high-selectivity, high activity, and low overpotential.