(480b) Assessment of Effects of Flow Enhancers in Pneumatic Conveying of Cohesive Dairy Powders: CFD-DEM Simulation

Olaleye, A., Dairy Processing Technology Center (DPTC), Bernal Institute, University of Limerick
Van den Akker, H. E. A., University of Limerick
Shardt, O., University of Limerick
Walker, G., Bernal Institute, University of Limerick
The aim of this study is to reduce the influence of particle roping on dairy powder deposition and pipeline blockage at pipe sections after a 90o bend. A CFD-DEM simulation of pneumatic conveying of cohesive dairy powder was performed to study the effect of modifying the design of a pipeline downstream of 90o bends. The simulation was performed with a commercial discrete element modelling (DEM) software, EDEM®, coupled with the computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software, FLUENT®. Fat-filled milk powder (FFMP) fines with average particle size of 94µm was used. The simulation was implemented for different flow enhancers (i.e. inward or outward air jet(s), inner/outer offset, converging nozzle etc.) at the downstream of a 90o bend. The simulation results show that the use of the flow enhancers can speed up particle rope dispersion, effect de-agglomeration, reduce agglomerated particle deposition, and eliminate the continuous build-up of cohesive particles at bends, horizontal and vertical pipe walls.