(450a) Transforming Undergraduate Chemical Engineering Education - a Report from NSF RED (Revolutionizing Engineering & Computer Science Departments) Projects

Datye, A., University of New Mexico
Sweeney, J., Oregon State University
Knisley, S., North Carolina A & T
While industry has long called for changes to how engineers and computer scientists are prepared, much of the core coursework remains virtually unchanged. To address this mismatch between industry and education, NSF called for proposals that aim to REvolutionize Engineering and Computer Science Departments, serving as leaders in institutional change. This presentation will provide short reports from three chemical engineering departments that received grants in the NSF RED competition in the 2015, 2016 and 2017 cohorts. The talks will present various models of structural change at the departmental level, focused on broadening participation, improving student learning, and reorienting faculty beliefs and practices.